Countdown to 'largest, most recognized awards show in the industry'

Countdown to 'largest, most recognized awards show in the industry'

Countdown to

Ameera Ameerullah is elated to be nominated for two Canadian Mortgage Awards this year, but she says one of them is especially poignant for a country like Canada because of its rich tradition of immigration.

Ameerullah, the CEO of Canada Mortgage and Financial Group, is in the running for the Alternative Broker Specialist of the Year (New to Canada) Award, and given the country’s increased immigration quota, she’s grateful that a sizeable subset of the broker channel is being recognized.

“Clients new to Canada don’t know how the systems operate; they don’t have a trusted support system that they can rely on to set them up on a path to success,” said Ameerullah. “Educating them about the mortgage industry and the requirements of obtaining homeownership, as well as aligning them with a network of professionals, gives them some direction.”

She added that Canadian Mortgage and Financial Group has been using the award nomination to leverage awareness for a program they offer new Canadians.

“We’ve been using this recognition to leverage the opportunity to get our voice out there where many people may not have been aware of our new to Canada program and the services and options it offers them.”

Ameerullah is also nominated for the Alternative Broker of the Year Award—which she hopes to win a second year in a row.

The 12th annual Canadian Mortgage Awards will be held on April 20th at the Liberty Grand in Toronto, and according Ajay Kaith, vice president of business development at Oppono Lending Company, which will be sponsoring the award for Mortgage Broker of the Year (25 Employees or Fewer), supporting the broker channel is paramount.

“The reason we did this is we’ve grown as a MIC substantially only because of our brokers,” said Kaith. “We’re not open to the public, so everything we close is broker business. We sponsored the award because those are the guys and gals who make us money.”

Kaith called the CMAs the biggest event in the Canadian mortgage industry because it pays homage to key players from coast to coast.

“It is very well regarded,” he said. “I believe this is the biggest event in the mortgage industry because it’s a national award—it’s across Canada—versus some of the other galas or award shows that are Ontario only. So, this is the largest, most recognized awards show in the industry.”

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