Amid industry challenges, 'CMAs are particularly poignant'

Amid industry challenges, 'CMAs are particularly poignant'

Amid industry challenges,

Although Community Trust has been around for decades, it only recently decided to make a bigger splash into the residential market. And according to the company’s vice president of mortgage operations, what better way than to sponsor a Canadian mortgage Award—both as a way of announcing itself and as a goodwill gesture to the industry.

Community Trust will be sponsoring the award for Alternative Broker Specialist of the Year (Business for Self), and, says Lisa Abbatangelo, 2018 is the year the company is looking to take flight.

“It’s most importantly a great opportunity to thank the professionals we work with for the work they do in the industry, because they’re the drivers of our successes and we want to recognize them for all that work that they do, and for our partnerships,” said Abbatangelo. “It’s important for us to show that we’re actively and publicly supporting our brokers. We pride ourselves on being a collaborative partner in every way, not just a deal-by-deal basis. We’re here to support them in all aspects of their business.”

Citing the challenges ahead in the industry prompted by the government’s most recent intervention into the housing market with B-20, Abbatangelo said the CMAs are especially pertinent this year because the industry’s resilience deserves acknowledgment.

“I think that with the challenges we had in 2017, which subsequently led to the many challenges we have in 2018, we feel that the CMAs are particularly poignant at this time,” she said. “The CMAs give us a chance to connect with and recognize our peers and partners, and it provides a moment for us to pause and celebrate everything we have done, and to strengthen our bonds and relationships to help drive the industry to new levels of success.

“It’s also a great event that grants exceptional visibility to the peers who represent the highest echelons of ethics and diligence. It’s also a great place and occasion to celebrate the best in the industry. And it’s a reminder that the people who occupy this space are resilient and creative, so it’s a great way to reinforce the agility everyone has demonstrated. We have to demonstrate that again in the coming year, but we’ll do it together.”

McKay Wood won the 2017 award for Best Newcomer, Individual Agent or Broker and says that, while his career was already on a steady upward trajectory, being an award winner buttressed his credentials.

“Winning the award was a nice feather in my hat and it gave me a lot of clout in dealing with clients, even though it’s an addition to what I would already tell them in terms of qualifications,” he said. “Sometimes (clients) bring it up and it helps my resume and profile in different avenues where I market. It gives me a little more credence and gives them more clarity that I’m someone who works hard.”

Chris Woodhouse of Street Capital Bank of Canada won the award for Best Newcomer Lender BDM last year and says he’s glad the Canadian Mortgage Awards shed light on the great work he and his team do day in and day out.

“It brought a lot of limelight to Street Capital, which is great,” said Woodhouse. “I do get some comments on it—I was on a trip a couple of weeks ago and somebody said, ‘Oh, you’re the guy who won last year at the CMAs.’ It was great to see that my clients supported me, and that my co-workers were all supportive. It’s been awesome.”

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