Scott Dawson news

  • Grow-op costs former owner dearly

    As if brokers weren’t leery enough about deals involving former grow-ops, here’s another note of caution.

  • Brokers discuss refi strategies

    Talk turned to refinance strategies during Canadian Mortgage Hangout’s (#cmhTV) second anniversary Thursday and tactics for winning that very valuable segment of business.

  • Brokers praise BrokerBase

    VERICO has recently launched BrokerBase, a business platform that is meant to make generating, capturing and converting leads, referrals and renewals easier than ever before; and early indication is that brokers are sold.

  • Leading brokers discuss loyalty agreements

    Leading brokers discussed’s latest Big Story at their weekly Canadian Mortgage Hangout and opinions diverged when it comes to loyalty agreements; an issue moderator Jackson Middleton considered “contentious… with a lot of different opinions”.

  • To tweet or not to tweet; for brokers, that is the question

    He may have over 14,000 Twitter followers, but Jessi Johnson of Verico has scaled back on his Twitter activity – now convinced it's a lackluster business development tool.

  • RBC pledges “no more outsourcing”

    RBC may just have zapped some of the selling power of brokers, with the big bank now promising to never outsource Canadian jobs to foreign workers solely to save money.

  • Brokers taking on the mantle of money managers

    More and more industry professionals are becoming informal investment advisers in addition to brokering, helping clients better balance their lifestyles and finances.

  • Twitter not just for celebrities, says broker

    Twitter is helping brokers grow their businesses, and the twittering and tweeting at last week’s Mortgage Summit was indicative of the growing popularity of this social format.

  • Broker creates webpage for unhappy RBC clients

    One broker is leaving nothing to chance amid the RBC public relations fiasco, creating a web page showing people how to switch their mortgage from the embattled bank to another lender.

  • Brokers benefit from RBC blunder

    RBC’s decision to replace 45 employees with temporary foreign workers has generated outrage among the public – and, inadvertently, a promotional boon for mortgage brokers.