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  • Brokers speculate about potential mortgage changes

    Brokers are already speculating about what, if any, measures will be taken to slow the housing market, following Joe Oliver’s statement that he is keeping a close eye on real estate in Canada. But one oft-mentioned ploy should be avoided, according to one industry player.

  • Broker weighs in on investment referrals

    One leading mortgage broker has weighed in on the issue of investment referrals, and for him transparency is key.

  • Brokers react to Coalition launch

    Brokers across the channel are welcoming the development of a coalition of independent brokers as a way of further deepening the marketplace.

  • ​Brokers weigh in on market share drop

    Broker market share has dropped year-over-year and some industry professionals believe regulations are to blame.

  • More layoffs to come?

    Expect more cuts to come, says one broker, following the announcement that one big bank has axed 1,500 jobs.

  • Brokers applaud proposed move by lender

    Brokers praise one industry player's dedication to the industry following a recent announcement that his institution is poised to make a big move.

  • A tale of two brokering philosophies

    Conversation on evolved from a discussion about underwriting exceptions to one about monolines vs. big banks and two brokers discussed their individual reasoning for supporting one or the other.

  • Penalties and transparency called into question

    Healthy debate ensued among brokers, following a story about one big bank’s IRD calculations and the penalties in charges, with several calling into question the transparency provided by some lenders.

  • This one major broker gripe may be futile

    A recent Bank of Canada announcement has dredged up an age-old debate but is it one that should finally be put to bed?

  • Brokers split on CMHC proposal

    Broker opinion is split -- following news that CMHC is considering banks to pay a deductible before mortgage claims are paid out – with some believing the move will lead to more careful underwriting and others thinking it could result in higher fees for clients.