Ron Butler news

  • Brokers disappointed by big bank change

    Brokers are voicing their displeasure with a recent change made by a big bank that will affect past and future clients.

  • CMHC concerns spark debate

    Readers are debating mortgage debt versus consumer debt after the CMHC released previously confidential remarks about its concern for the housing market, but is it time to finally put that discussion to bed?

  • Collateral charge debate heats up

    The lack of transparency surrounding collateral charge mortgages at one big bank has sparked furious debate among mortgage brokers.

  • Did this bank miss the mark?

    One major bank may have wanted to hold off on its prediction for one Canada’s hottest housing markets until after the Bank of Canada announcement.

  • Online rate discounting the future?

    The future of the business is online and, according to one major broker, industry players who embrace that model will thrive in the coming years.

  • Brokers prepared to earn back market share

    While it may not be what brokers wanted to hear, the prediction that broker market share will continue to drop has inspired players to focus on what they can do thrive in the changing industry.

  • Broker: Expect market share to continue to shrink

    Broker market share shrunk in 2014, and industry players should expect more of the same this year, says one leader.

  • Brokers speculate about potential mortgage changes

    Brokers are already speculating about what, if any, measures will be taken to slow the housing market, following Joe Oliver’s statement that he is keeping a close eye on real estate in Canada. But one oft-mentioned ploy should be avoided, according to one industry player.

  • Broker weighs in on investment referrals

    One leading mortgage broker has weighed in on the issue of investment referrals, and for him transparency is key.

  • Brokers react to Coalition launch

    Brokers across the channel are welcoming the development of a coalition of independent brokers as a way of further deepening the marketplace.