Ron Butler news

  • Brokers opine on potential policy

    Toronto seems intent on addressing housing affordability through policies aimed at cooling the market, and a forthcoming tax may be the only answer. But is it the right one?

  • Broker: Housing cooling measures likely coming

    Ontario’s request to the federal government to address housing affordability went largely ignored – but that means the province will likely take matters into its own hands

  • Media targets brokers

    In yet another mainstream media article about rising housing prices, brokers bare the unfair brunt of the blame

  • Did FICOM overreach?

    Under its Mortgage Broker Conflict of Interest Guidelines, FICOM is trying to force networks to disclose all bonuses. But does the regulator have that power?

  • First of many changes to come?

    Don’t blame TD for being the first to act, argues one veteran, but do expect further interruption to the industry that will make mortgages more expensive for the consumer

  • New stress test could put monolines at a disadvantage

    The Finance Minister announced three new housing measures meant to ensure stability in the housing market, but one of those – the amended stress test requirements – could impact monolines more so than big banks, according to one veteran broker

  • Industry comes to the defence of one of its major lenders

    Brokers are calling into question a report about one of their main partners, following an article alleging it sold off mortgages to improve its balance sheet

  • Is Equifax’s new credit score good or bad?

    The inclusion of previously unused information in the newly released Beacon 9.0 score has proven to be a game-changer

  • Yes, it really is you

    When a deal falls apart, it’s time to admit where the real fault lies – because doing so can only improve your business, writes Rob Campbell

  • Should mortgage regulators follow OSC’s lead?

    Ontario’s securities regulator has launched a whistle-blower program that offers up to $5 million to for tips that lead to the prosecution of fraudsters; should the mortgage industry develop a similar program?