Mark Carney news

  • Former BoC governor Carney guiding Trudeau on economic recovery plan

    The plan, which has been described by sources as "ambitious", is scheduled for roll-out within the next few months

  • Latest BoC hike harkens back to a ‘bygone era’ of central banking—observers

    BoC’s Poloz allows the data to speak for itself rather than steer with an iron hand, analysts say

  • BoC interest rate hike in the cards?

    A rate increase next week would mark the first such movement in 7 years

  • Zero per cent rate on the horizon?

    It was a bold – and disputed -- claim when he first made it over a month ago, but one former BoC advisor is once again predicting rates will drop to zero.

  • Poloz’s latest stance at odds with previous statements?

    One broker believes the Bank of Canada is sending mixed messages about the state of the housing industry based on who – and what – it is trying to influence.

  • DLC economist disputes rate forecast

    It was a bold rate prediction made by a solid source, but one that has already been shot down by the channel’s leading economist.

  • Was the rate cut the wrong move?

    The move is having a positive impact on broker business, but one analyst believes Stephen Poloz’s decision to cut the overnight rate in late January will negatively affect the economy.

  • Daily Market Update

    More stats confirm the heat, but a warning from the UK market reminds us of how things can change… Edmonton sees a construction surge, but City Hall struggle to keep up… Big banks set to post healthy profits; good news for mortgage markets …. And a new type of foreign visitor for our biggest cities.

  • Daily Market Update

    Canadians don’t consider home loans to be ‘debt’, especially the younger generation… Winnipeg councillors see audit on real estate deals… A bit of Canada up for sale in Miami... And, coping with the bubble, how the UK’s struggling with conditions similar to ours…

  • Daily Market Update

    Banking regulator warns of high prices and low mortgage rates…. Basement apartment permits scheme is painfully slow…. Why we should embrace social housing in our neighbourhoods…. And can our man in the UK prevent the bubble bursting?