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  • MBN Hot list 2014: Dan Eisner

    Dan Eisner's profile for Mortgage Broker News Hot list 2014

  • Experts: Rates to rise

    Experts agree mortgage rates will rise over the course of the next month, despite RBC cutting its rates by 10 basis points over the weekend.

  • Experts: Expect year-end rate drop

    As the year comes to a close RateSupermarket.ca’s expert panel is echoing the same sentiment it has held for the past two months: Rates will continue to drop.

  • Experts: Mortgage rates will decline further

    The waning year has seen a rate rollercoaster as historically-low fixed rates shot up before descending once again; and the expert panel assembled by RateSuperMarket.ca expects that slow descent to continue into the end of the year.

  • Experts: Mortgage rates will decline

    Brokers and their clients, as reluctant as they may be, may owe tea partiers in the United States a vote of thanks as their antics are expected to lower fixed rates in the short term in Canada.

  • Expert panelists eye future rate climbs

    It’s by no means over and the fat lady hasn’t sung. Mortgage rates will indeed continue to climb headed into October, argues an expert panel assembled by RateSupermarket.ca.

  • Who would really be the No. 1 broker?

    Last year’s No.1 on the Top 75 Broker list removed himself from the running this time around but believes, contrary to growing speculation, he would come out on top even if the criteria were altered to focus on profitability.

  • Tough year doesn’t diminish CMP Top 75 broker list

    One Top 75 broker worked “harder and smarter” during what was a tough year in the channel – and did so without resorting to rate sites.

  • Loyalty agreements 'embarrassing' for brokers

    There is more talk of loyalty and exclusivity agreements in the channel – but most mortgage brokers refuse to handcuff clients with a piece of legal paper, and doubt it will become common practice.

  • Last year’s top broker steps aside, wants someone else to win

    This may be good news for some of you, but one of the more controversial and successful brokers in the channel has decided that he won’t put his name forward for CMP magazine’s Top 75 broker list this year – not because he doesn’t have the numbers, but because it would be like comparing apples to oranges.