Verico news

  • Brokers stop rate shopping in its tracks

    It may be a controversial tactic, but one broker has admitted to using it to discourage clients from shopping for rate at the big banks.

  • Industry reacts to Bank of Canada rate

    Following the central bank’s move to maintain its overnight rate, industry professionals across the country are already speculating about the effect the move – or lack thereof – will have on broker business.

  • Brokers prepare for rate announcement

    With another rate announcement around the corner, what are brokers expecting and how are they planning to capitalize on whichever decision the Bank of Canada makes?

  • For investor clients: Fixed or variable?

    The decline of interest and prime lending rates have provided investors and other buyers with unique investment opportunities but with uncertainty still ahead, the question remains: Variable or fixed for your investor clients?

  • Brokers question banks’ refusal to match overnight rate

    One big bank has offered an explanation for why its prime rate doesn’t match the Bank of Canada’s overnight rate, but brokers aren’t exactly sold.

  • Are the monolines competing?

    A number of the big banks have announced special fixed rate promotions and cuts to their prime lending rate, but what are monolines doing to ensure brokers have a competitive advantage?

  • No such thing as one-size fits all

    Recent rate cuts to both prime and fixed mortgage rates will likely have clients considering both fixed and variable rates. Which one will prove to be the best option?

  • Calling trust in BoC into question

    The biggest news wasn’t the rate cut; it was the way in which the central bank implemented it – and what it may signify for future interest rates, according to one industry leader.

  • Brokers discuss the future of rates

    In what was described by one broker as “the most significant mortgage interest rate news in ten years,” the BoC’s surprise decision to axe its overnight rate target may have an unexpected effect on one type of mortgage product.

  • Brokers react to Coalition launch

    Brokers across the channel are welcoming the development of a coalition of independent brokers as a way of further deepening the marketplace.