Verico news

  • New high-ratio premiums more detrimental than zero-down programs?

    One broker believes clients now putting less than 10 per cent down will be more overleveraged than those who purchased with zero down.

  • Taking the positive from bank news

    Many brokers scoff at bank “relationship pricing” but at least one professional believes they are creating a more informed public: Which will benefit the broker channel.

  • Brokers frustrated by appraisal middlemen

    Fewer lenders are allowing brokers to choose their own appraisers, and players are once again airing frustration about the appraisal process; a process one appraiser refers to as “a total racket."

  • Competing rate site picks up slack after rate removal

    A broker may have had his record-low rate snubbed by RateHub, but a competing rate site plans on listing it as long as the product is on offer.

  • Final CMA finalists announced

    The largest awards ceremony in the industry is quickly approaching, and we’ve got your final list of nominees, including brokerage, broker, and network of the year.

  • boots broker

    The broker who had his rate removed from alleges he has also been barred from using the site in the future.

  • Brokers question analyst’s knowledge

    Brokers are poking holes in one analyst’s prediction that Canada’s housing market is in dire straits, accusing him of ignorance when it comes to Canada’s oil industry – and the economy’s reliance on it.

  • Poloz answers critics questioning BoC’s credibility

    The Governor of the Bank of Canada Stephen Poloz has gone into damage control mode, defending the bold actions carried out by the BoC in January when it shocked the market with a rate cut.

  • CMA finalist rollout continues

    The annual Canadian Mortgage Awards are set for May 22 at the Liberty Grand in Toronto and we’re continuing our finalist announcements.

  • CMAs to include new award category

    With the CMAs just around the corner, we are continuing to roll out our list of finalists, including those who are up for the brand new “Diversifyer of the year” category.