TMG news

  • A change in plans

    Boris Bozic didn’t intend on establishing a career in the mortgage industry – but three decades later, he’s helping to shape its course as the head of Merix Financial

  • Change of plans

    Boris Bozic wasn't supposed to carve out a living the mortgage industry —never mind found MERIX Financial, for which he’s the president. At least, that’s what he thought

  • Real estate and mortgage brokerages announce partnership

    Two brokerages from different industries intend to leverage each other’s expertise and market penetration

  • This broker shares the secret to his 94% funding ratio

    One of the country's top producing mortgage brokers, Sharnjit Singh Gill boasts an impressive 94% funding ratio

  • Brokerage sees value in Quebec

    The Mortgage Group is expanding into Quebec, amid the province's growing prosperity, launching Le Groupe Hypothécaire TMG on April 2

  • Final round of CMA finalists announced

    With the awards quickly approaching, we’ve now unveiled the rest of the potential winners

  • A stroke of good luck

    Happenstance got Mark Kerzner into the mortgage industry, but his love for it has kept him here – and he believes the industry’s best days are yet to come

  • Network head: No bank vs. broker dynamic

    There is fierce competition between brokers and the big banks, but one industry veteran doesn’t view the two as enemies

  • Second round of CMA nominees announced

    The annual Canadian Mortgage Awards brought to you by Manulife Bank are set for May 13 at the Liberty Grand in Toronto and we’ve got your second set of finalists

  • Fixed-rate demand expected to spike

    The difference between the interest on an ARM over a fixed-rate loan has shrunk compared to where it was just a few years ago –tempting even the most risk-tolerant of clients, say brokers