Street Capital news

  • Lender support finalists announced

    Talented lender support can mean the difference between funding a deal for a client and not. And with that in mind, CMP has released the finalists for the best lender BDM of the year and best lender underwriter of the year.

  • Newcomers to be honoured at CMAs

    The mortgage broker industry has its fair share of regular faces; the old guard who have been leaders for years. Each year, however, a new crop of up-and-coming, ambitious professionals emerge and some of them will take home Canadian Mortgage Awards for their efforts. These are our finalists in a number of “newcomer” categories.

  • Street Capital announces new rental program

    Increasingly, brokers are having difficulty securing mortgages for rental properties but one lender has added a new tool to the broker’s belt.

  • Meet the CMA judges

    Meet our panel of expert judges for the upcoming Canadian Mortgage Awards

  • Renewal time for brokers?

    Counsel Corporation has seen its stock price double in less than a year – success that could be worth some attention by mortgage brokers, who are more focused on new volume than renewals.

  • Calgary Street Capital employees work from home

    The rain has stopped, but downtown Calgary is still flooded – and lenders like Street Capital are waiting for drier days to reopen for business.

  • Flooding closes doors of Calgary lenders

    Torrential rain and widespread flooding is wreaking havoc for Calgary lenders like Street Capital.

  • Grewal: brokering needs more BAs, BComs, BSc's...

    The channel needs to actively reach out to colleges and universities to find better brokers – but also to convince those bright minds of the industry’s career potential – according to the head of one of the biggest monolines.

  • MERIX suspends 'stated income'

    MERIX Financial is temporarily halting stated income lending – and for one broker, it suggests more monolines will do the same.

  • Street gets CMHC approval to securitize mortgages

    The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has now confirmed Street Capital as both an approved issuer of NHA mortgage-backed securities and a seller under the CMB – a dual designation set to help brokers, according to the lender.