Scotia news

  • Leading broker founds new brokerage

    The former manager/COO of one of Canada’s largest brokerages has resurfaced as the president of a rate site’s brokerage arm – a move likely to drum up some debate in the industry.

  • Is more data really what the industry wants?

    There are frequent calls for more data to be made available especially in terms of assessing the potential for corrections in the market but is it really in the best interests of the industry?

  • Building permits see a surprise surge

    It wasn’t expected but July saw building permits rise to a record level with the Toronto and Vancouver condo markets leading the way.

  • Nova Scotia to ban fracking

    Many homeowners are concerned by fracking with environmental worries paramount.

  • Brokers poised to win bank business?

    Banks may be feeling the pinch just as much as the monolines following numerous lending changes, and this just opens the door for brokers to swoop in and win business, says one professional.

  • Banks confident of mortgage growth

    Three of the big six banks have reported their earnings so far and all have shown growth in their mortgage books.

  • Affordable housing faces opposition in Nova Scotia

    A plan to create extra affordable housing in part of Nova Scotia is under threat from those opposed to greater housing density.

  • Hot summer continues for brokers across Canada

    According to CREA’s monthly national statistics sales edged up less than one per cent from June to July, continuing a trend begun in spring.

  • Daily Market Update

    ​Building permit applications increase but mainly for non-residential… Experts say more data is needed to make accurate predictions for the market… And investment manager says we are in a bubble.

  • Daily Market Update

    New insights into who owns condo investments expected next month… Bank of Canada says REITS may be a better choice than condos for investors… Fracking should be delayed says Nova Scotia university president… And which Canadian city ranks among the world’s richest?