Royal Bank news

  • Alberta to avoid recession says RBC

    Fears that the oil industry’s decline would drag Alberta into recession are not shared by the Royal Bank of Canada.

  • Realtors believe bank rate cut won’t impact market

    A major Canadian bank has lowered its five-year fixed mortgage rate – and others are expected to follow suit – but brokers' main source of referrals, Realtors, don't believe the decision will have a drastic impact on housing market performance.

  • RBC cuts mortgage rate, price war coming?

    It was always going to happen but while last week the big lenders were reluctant to pass on the Bank of Canada’s interest rate cut to borrowers, this week there’s talk of a price war.

  • No slowdown in household debt

    While Canadians may be wary of the outlook for the economy, as shown by recent polls, it’s done little to dampen the appetite for debt.

  • RBC chief says we could see prices drop 15 per cent

    The chief executive of the Royal Bank of Canada says that there could be a price drop of as much as 15 per cent when interest rates rise.

  • RBC: cooling market in 2015 but real test to come

    One reader believes variable rate mortgages will continue to be the best option for clients going forward, following one big banks market forecast for 2015.

  • Daily Market Update

    More stats confirm the heat, but a warning from the UK market reminds us of how things can change… Edmonton sees a construction surge, but City Hall struggle to keep up… Big banks set to post healthy profits; good news for mortgage markets …. And a new type of foreign visitor for our biggest cities.

  • Daily Market Update

    BoC Governor hints that lower rates could be here to stay… RBC still ‘in business’ for US mortgages… Insurance Bureau advises homeowners to shop around for lower premiums…

  • Daily Market Update

    Global ratings agency warns that housing market here is over-valued by 20 per cent… Banks could be vulnerable in any housing crash… Consumers remain optimistic despite warnings… And office leasing sees some growth in Toronto…

  • Daily Market Update

    Hot housing market increasing inequality says OECD…. Rents high, vacancies low says CMHC report…. Analysts do not think we’re in real danger of a market crash… and what adds $1000 to the cost of a new home?