Mortgage Intelligence news

  • Tapping into credit unions

    Credit unions haven't always been seen as broker-friendly, but many are now looking to build business through this channel. CMP gets the lowdown on accessing a flow of funds from this lender category

  • CMAs 2010: Nominees for Commercial Mortgage Broker of the Year

    Check out the 2010 nominees for the Commercial Mortgage Broker of the Year.

  • CMAs 2010: Nominees for Alternative Broker of the Year

    Check out the nominees for the Home Trust award for Alternative Mortgage Broker of the Year.

  • CMAs 2010: Nominees for Best Customer Service, Employer of Choice

    With our popular vote awards categories announced last week, we're moving on to tell you about the nominees in the remaining 12 awards slots. Below, check out the nominees for the Merix Financial award for Best Customer Service (individual office) and the Employer of Choice award.

  • UPDATED: CMAs 2010: Best Community Service Effort nominees

    The 2010 CMP Canadian Mortgage Awards are a week away -- here is the updated finalist list for the Home Loans Canada award for Best Community Service Effort

  • Once a broker, always a broker

    After brokering for 15 years, Victor Peca took a hiatus to work on the lending side. Just three weeks back into brokering, CMP caught up with this former top seller to see what it''s like to start all over

  • Money now or later? The trailer fee debate

    There are still only two Canadian lenders offering the trailer fee option, but that doesn't mean it's not being talked about. CMP checks in with brokers to see what they like and dislike about this form of payment

  • Superbrokers 2009

    CMP recently polled 14 national brokerages across Canada to uncover what they offer their brokers - everything from compensation to training to ancillary services. Here are the results.

  • Commercial market back on track

    Canada's commercial mortgage market has changed drastically over the last two years, with appetite for certain sectors completely drying up and lending guidelines drastically tightening. All that seems to be on the way out, however, as recent signs point to a recovery.

  • Gord Dahlen named president and CEO of Invis and MI

    Gord Dahlen is the new president and CEO of Invis and Mortgage Intelligence after serving as the executive vice-president for both companies.