Mortgage Alliance news

  • How to beat banks at renewal time

    The challenges of the traditionally slow winter season are now being compounded as banks contact past clients 120 days ahead of renewal – and just out of reach of a broker's 90-day rate hold.

  • A business card that saves your client money?

    In a marketing initiative likely to garner the interest of cost-conscious clients, Mortgage Alliance has now partnered with Petro Canada for the launch of its Mortgage Alliance Fuel Savings business card this week.

  • Banks' Beacon system produces higher scores?

    Brokers are hungry for a credit rating system that many banks use and where Beacon scores appear to be trending higher.

  • Clients ditch brokers for brokers

    Are you doing enough to keep your clients from leaving you for a bank? How about for another broker?

  • Variable rates still a dice roll, despite rate hold?

    Some brokers still aren’t completely sold on the idea of variable rates; despite the rising in fixed and the Bank of Canada announcement Wednesday suggesting ARMs may remain at historic lows until 2015.

  • CMP Brokers on Lenders teaser

    Early results from CMP’s Brokers on Lenders survey prove that with the ever-tightening underwriting, brokers are having to rely more and more on Alt-A and B deals as fewer clients now qualify for prime.

  • Monolines best banks once again, say brokers

    While banks increasingly position themselves as the only real solution for new immigrants seeking mortgages, brokers still believe monolines offer the most competitive options for new Canadians.

  • RBC under fire for missing coverage

    A Harvey, N.B., man is asking Royal Bank – the same lender that refinanced his mortgage without a lawyer’s signoff – why his home burned to the ground without fire insurance.

  • Making last year’s Commercial Top 10 boosted business: broker

    One of CMP magazine’s Top 10 Commercial brokers from last year saw a definite uptick in business from making the list, raising his Google search profile and garnering attention from his residential counterparts.

  • IC Funding hopes to reassert itself among Commercial Top 10

    CMP magazine is once again looking for the Top 10 commercial brokers in the country, and one brokerage is aiming to make a statement as a force to be reckoned with in the channel.