HomEquity news

  • Reverse mortgages: Brokers go beyond mere referrals

    While Reverse mortgages have been available in Canada for almost three decades, one lender has seen interest grow by leaps and bounds in the last couple of years – and brokers have been driving that business

  • Lenders take tough questions head on

    The detractors of reverse mortgages are still out there, with lenders increasingly prepared to counter those arguments with facts about their loans and the growth in borrower interest

  • Demographics driving key mortgage market

    Industry insiders are attributing strong year-over-year growth in reverse mortgage originations to several factors – the most notable being human longevity

  • When does a reverse mortgage not make sense?

    Brokers are increasingly comfortable recommending reverse mortgages; but the truth is, not every client should get a reverse mortgage

  • Lender urge advisors to guard against elder abuse

    A key partner for mortgage brokers is asking them to help protect aging clients from a growing phenomenon – one with the potential to compromise financial security.

  • How to change your client’s mind on reverse mortgages

    For clients looking to tap into their home equity, the only thing holding them back on reverse mortgages is a lack of information, and the fear that generates.

  • Lender announces record year

    Reverse mortgages are gaining in popularity across the country, as evidenced by one major lender’s record originations in 2014.

  • Reverse mortgages up

    Reverse mortgages are up 26 per cent year-to-date, according to HomeEquity Bank; which dredges up an ongoing debate about the value of such a product.

  • Reverse mortgage myth debunked?

    Brokers have their criticisms of reverse mortgages but one of the leading providers of these mortgage products wants to dispel one of the most popular arguments.

  • HomEquity responds to broker compensation concerns

    A move by HomEquity Bank to lower the eligibility age for its reverse mortgages to 55 is set to increase broker originations by as much as 10 per cent, company president Steven Ranson told MortgageBrokerNews.ca, at the same time expressing confidence in the company’s current compensation structure for brokers.