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  • New stress test could put monolines at a disadvantage

    The Finance Minister announced three new housing measures meant to ensure stability in the housing market, but one of those – the amended stress test requirements – could impact monolines more so than big banks, according to one veteran broker

  • From Banker to Broker

    Joe Rosati was recently appointed the head of the industry’s newest broker network – and since that time, his company has already made some big moves

  • Trends in the alt-A segment

    What does the future of alternative lending look like? One expert has his say

  • Industry comes to the defence of one of its major lenders

    Brokers are calling into question a report about one of their main partners, following an article alleging it sold off mortgages to improve its balance sheet

  • Lender responds to allegations

    One of the channel’s leading lenders has responded to a claim that it sold non-performing loans to a third party in a bid to improve its balance sheet

  • Profile: Home Trust’s new executive

    Chris Whyte was recently appointed to the chief operating officer at the lending juggernaut, and he has some ideas about how channel lenders can better serve their broker partners

  • Lender executive weighs in on housing policy suggestion

    One industry veteran cautions the government to consider the wide-reaching ramifications of attempting to temper rising prices, amid growing calls for it to do so

  • Brokers get social at the 10th annual CMAs

    Industry professionals put on their best dresses and tuxes to take part in the yearly Canadian Mortgage Awards. Many in the record attendance took part by live Tweeting the event

  • CMAs a roaring success

    A great year for brokers just got even better for a select few, with the Canadian Mortgage Awards honouring some of the industry’s best and brightest stars

  • Last round of CMA finalists announced

    The annual Canadian Mortgage Awards brought to you by Manulife Bank are set for May 13 at the Liberty Grand in Toronto and we’ve got your last set of finalists