Dominion Lending Centres news

  • Psst. Here's the ugly truth

    Going forward, it may be hard to ignore the ugly truth staring your BFS clients in the fact: Is it time to declare your full income?

  • Brokers channel pumps $1.2 million into charity

    Growing originations wasn't the only focus of brokers this year, with their collective efforts for charity surpassing last year's grit, determination and, indeed, generosity.

  • The Big Story: Broker welcomes O'Leary

    Brokers have registered a number of concerns about Kevin O`Leary`s business model. Still, some think he may help brokers, reports Jemima Codrington, from Toronto.

  • Gooo, brokers! A pep talk for 2013

    Here’s a pep talk for 2013 guaranteed to banish any broker’s self-doubts and market fears

  • The Big Story: Brokers endorse Emili

    Brokers say consumers and lenders benefit from Emili despite criticisms that CMHC`s automated system routinely overvalues properties.

  • The Big Story: Brokers offering unsecured credit

    Brokers may have qualms about unsecured credit and the banks that provide it, but how do they feel about offering those credit cards themselves?

  • Part-timer defends the controversial practice

    A seasoned broker – now a part-timer – is defending that choice, challenging mortgage professionals who argue the industry has no place for him and a growing number of others.

  • Brokers wary of TD consolidation

    TD has moved to consolidate BDM services for its prime and alternative lending divisions – something brokers are worried could cost them future business.

  • Who gets the bill for broker ad campaign?

    Merix head Boris Bozic has joined the growing number of mortgage professionals endorsing the idea of a national advertising campaign, specifically focused on hawking broker wares to the largely uninformed consumer. That’s even as others look to mono-lines themselves to foot the bill.

  • Fraud prevention back on broker agenda

    A fraud-prevention expert – also a mortgage agent – is asking his peers to double check their file protection measures against a list of six essentials. It’s a way of guarding themselves, their clients and their industry against the kind of recent broker lapse grabbing headlines in Alberta.