Dominion Lending Centres news

  • Network adds economist to its ranks

    In a first for the industry, one major broker network has added an in-house economist to its team.

  • A necessary evil to close deals?

    Sometimes the only option to close the deal is the one most brokers push back against at almost all costs.

  • Another negative aspect of collateral charge mortgages

    As if collateral charge mortgages needed another knock against them, one broker is having trouble refinancing those clients who find themselves in an uninsured collateral charge product.

  • Tied selling giving banks an unfair advantage?

    Brokers have a tough enough time competing with the banks, and one industry professional believes tied selling -- going by a different name -- continues to skew the playing field.

  • Brokers in one province to rely largely on refis?

    A major bank is forecasting a drastic drop in home sales in one province, but anecdotal broker evidence may prove that some of the lost business can be made up through refinances.

  • The major advantage for brokers following rate cuts?

    Brokers have reported an increase in inquiries from clients since the Bank of Canada rate change, which has provided an opportunity for industry players to extoll the benefits of working with a mortgage broker – and explain the fine print on mortgage documents that many bankers may overlook.

  • Credit Union enters the rate war

    As Canada’s five major banks announced prime-rate reduction for mortgages, Ontario’s largest credit union stepped up to deliver a cut of its own.

  • Brokers question banks’ refusal to match overnight rate

    One big bank has offered an explanation for why its prime rate doesn’t match the Bank of Canada’s overnight rate, but brokers aren’t exactly sold.

  • Brokers discuss housing values

    The ever-popular discussion about just how overvalued Canadian housing is has received its most gloomy prediction, which has sparked discussion about the accuracy of the methodology used to arrive at these figures.

  • Brokers applaud FSCO, but is it enough?

    Brokers often call for more regulatory oversight to help weed out unethical professionals and one recent update from FSCO has been met with positive reactions. But some brokers believe more can be done in other areas of focus.