CAAMP news

  • Suggestions for CAAMP 2.0

    With CAAMP set to re-evaluate its future – and the role the next leader will take – industry players believe there are certain things the association should focus on, including providing more support specifically to brokers.

  • Brokerage marks anniversary Wednesday

    One brokerage is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a national celebration on Wednesday, July 15, that will see barbecues and gatherings in 17 communities across Canada.

  • Jim Murphy joins another financial services association

    The industry player may have just upped his professional profile, with a leading position at a not-for-profit organization often considered a role model for CAAMP.

  • CAAMP chair: Association taking stock

    CAAMP will take the opportunity to re-evaluate its future in the wake of its long-serving president and CEO’s departure.

  • Jim Murphy leaves CAAMP

    CAAMP has announced the departure of its long-serving president and CEO with a promise to “re-examine CAAMP’s organizational structure.”

  • Broker clients priced out?

    Brokers in this one market may lament record-setting prices feared to price clients out of the market, especially considering what type of client is most affected.

  • HELOCs and household debt

    Growing housing prices are drawing more broker attention to HELOCs, especially in the wake of ever-increasing household debt.

  • MCAP honors employee’s memory

  • A testament to broker resolve

    It’s praise brokers may feel they don’t get enough of, but one lender is commending how brokers have handled mortgage rule changes.

  • Bankers beating brokers at their own game?

    Brokers credit their expertise and value add for helping them win back market share, but one lender is warning that the big banks are now utilizing similar tactics.