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CAAMP : In the news

  • Brokers call for more communication from certain lenders

    They make great referral partners; still, brokers feel this one type of lender is shutting them out of the origination process.

  • Brokerage reflects on 25 years

    One mortgage company celebrated a quarter century in the industry at a recent gala event. From humble beginnings in the early 1990s, the company has not only grown, but thrived in a competitive market.

  • Suggestions for CAAMP 2.0

    With CAAMP set to re-evaluate its future – and the role the next leader will take – industry players believe there are certain things the association should focus on, including providing more support specifically to brokers.

  • Brokerage marks anniversary Wednesday

    One brokerage is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a national celebration on Wednesday, July 15, that will see barbecues and gatherings in 17 communities across Canada.

  • Jim Murphy joins another financial services association

    The industry player may have just upped his professional profile, with a leading position at a not-for-profit organization often considered a role model for CAAMP.

  • CAAMP chair: Association taking stock

    CAAMP will take the opportunity to re-evaluate its future in the wake of its long-serving president and CEO’s departure.

  • Jim Murphy leaves CAAMP

    CAAMP has announced the departure of its long-serving president and CEO with a promise to “re-examine CAAMP’s organizational structure.”

  • Broker clients priced out?

    Brokers in this one market may lament record-setting prices feared to price clients out of the market, especially considering what type of client is most affected.

  • HELOCs and household debt

    Growing housing prices are drawing more broker attention to HELOCs, especially in the wake of ever-increasing household debt.

  • MCAP honors employee’s memory