CAAMP news

  • Laurentian HELOC expands broker business

    Laurentian Bank’s broker arm is reporting a significant uptick in demand for its home equity lines of credit, most likely new business for brokers and not merely the re-routing of clients normally bound for the refi market.

  • CAAMP addresses educational concerns

    CAAMP is reiterating its pledge to work with provincial governments to ensure minimal education standards for mortgage professionals in response to concerns about inexperienced agents “flying solo” in Ontario markets.

  • And this survey says…broker market share staying steady

    Overall market share for Canada’s mortgage brokers remains steady in 2011 at 23 per cent, although, according to the latest CMHC poll of consumers, they continue to attract just under 40 per cent of home purchase transactions.

  • CAAMP President Makes Bold Statement in Australia

    CAAMP President Jim Murphy made a bold statement a...

  • Brokering 101 course gains traction in Halifax

    A course focused on teaching industry basics to new mortgage brokers in Nova Scotia has more than doubled its enrollment as the province faces growing pressure to attach an educational component to its licensing standards.

  • Broker: We’ve gained market share, not lost it!

    Buck up, brokers. By one industry veteran’s calculations, the channel has actually gained – not lost – key market share in the difficult years following the subprime collapse.

  • Industry Veteran: Broker ranks will thin

    A slowing, yet increasingly competitive Canadian market will not only cull the number of new entrants to the broker industry but thin the existing ranks by as much as 5 per cent, a veteran mortgage professional told

  • CAAMP survey: Broker market share stagnant

    A new CAAMP poll suggests that brokers are at best maintaining their share of Canada’s mortgage business and at worst…

  • St. John’s brokerage inspired by lender model

    A St. John’s brokerage is duplicating the organizational structure of non-bank lenders, replete with BDM and underwriter.

  • Brokers: CAAMP will investigate RBC complaint

    First hurdle cleared: CAAMP will in fact mount an investigation into that RBC document responsible for setting off a firestorm of criticism, has learned, fueling hopes the bank will ultimately be held accountable.