CAAMP news

  • Rate Your Realtor flops – how about Rate Your Broker?

    CREA membership recently rejected a Rate Your Realtor proposal – a concept that would be unworkable and unfeasible if applied to the broker channel argue some brokers while others are ready to embrace it.

  • Time to transform Mortgage Brokers Act, say B.C. brokers

    While CAAMP is effectively asking the B.C. government to tinker with the province’s Mortgage Brokers Act, some brokers are calling for a complete overhaul, one that clearly places brokers at the reins.

  • Flaherty pulling wrong lever, says former TD economist

    Former TD Chief Economist and Department of Finance analyst is perplexed by Jim Flaherty’s obsession over mortgage rates, and sees a rate of 2.95 as being in step with bond yields.

  • CAAMP media crusade continues

    CAAMP’s CEO Jim Murphy has taken his crusade for regulatory change to the airwaves and television, beating the drum for an easing of restrictions on first-time homebuyers.

  • Renewals: a battle brokers can’t win?

    The battle for renewals is a fight that brokers are gonna lose, says a leading mortgage broker.

  • Money talks for keeping clients

    Marketing a brokerage and maintaining a book is the goal of every broker. Mortgage Alliance does it once a year with an oversized cheque.

  • Focus on refis, not first-timers

    Instead of focusing on first-time buyers, CAAMP should push Ottawa on refinancing restrictions, says one industry vet, reacting to news the association has now tailored its lobby efforts.

  • Industry vet: Fraudster's sentence hurts brokers

    Nova Scotia veteran Richard LeBlanc is upset that a convicted mortgage fraudster has been handed what he terms a slap on the wrist, a lenient sentence that threatens to tar all brokers with the same brush.

  • Building a better lender

    Ask any Roman architect, building a masterpiece takes time, and as Don Horne reports, building a mortgage lender is no different

  • Trailer fees require accountability

    Lenders need to be held accountable for trailer fee commissions, and CAAMP is the body that should do it, says one B.C. broker.