CAAMP news

  • 2014 will see a deceleration: CAAMP

    CAAMP has looked into its crystal ball, and is keeping its fingers crossed for growth this year, while holding its breath for 2014.

  • CMHC, bulk coverage on Flaherty’s radar

    Finance Minister Jim Flaherty told reporters last week that he had “no plans” to intervene in the nation’s housing market anytime soon – but only yesterday told a Senate committee that he is examining the role of the CMHC “very closely,” including a look at portfolio insurance.

  • Housing market facing 5-year slump, says CAAMP

    A CAAMP survey released today shows a housing market that is in trouble, and in danger of struggling for another five years.

  • Broker ensnarled by REDX error

    A Toronto broker wants the same high standards currently applied to mortgage brokers placed on REDX reporting – having herself fallen victim to an apparent case of mistaken identity.

  • Great agents born or made?

    The skills for writing a contract are there with new agents, say brokers, but it is the crucial qualities that make a good salesperson which are most lacking.

  • Star story still holds value, says Babber

    A controversial Toronto Star article showcasing broker know-how still hold value, say the broker at the centre of the conflict, suggesting clients will look past the corrections and clarifications to see the value in choosing a mortgage broker.

  • Stick to the issues CAAMP, broker urges

    Another article in the Toronto Star has showered praise on mortgage brokers, but one broker feels his industry is being done a disservice with what he calls “PR pieces” by CAAMP, when instead it should be addressing real concerns in the channel such as REDX reports.

  • CAAMP pushes Ottawa to leave ABCPs alone

    Following the last federal budget, those dealing in Asset Backed Commercial Paper have held their breath over the government’s move to limit housing risk, but CAAMP remains hopeful Ottawa is open to compromise.

  • REDX addresses AMP questions

    The company behind REDX is now answering a question CAAMP has been slow to, asserting the association does not directly file incident reports on brokers who drop the AMP designation.

  • Network head raises concerns about REDX, AMP

    No one less than a network head is warning mortgage professionals across the country after finding four REDX reports attached to his own name, specifically tied to his AMP designation.