CAAMP news

  • ING asks former broker partners to join flood fundraiser

    ING Direct is asking its customers to help the flood victims of southern Alberta – and hoping to cash in on some of the goodwill from mortgage brokers, too.

  • Broker prepared to sue over REDX reports

    That four-letter word has once again reared its ugly head, and one broker is prepared to take CAAMP to court over two REDX reports that are hurting his business.

  • MBABC elects new president, board of directors

    The Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia gathered yesterday to pick a new leader and board of directors for the coming year.

  • Broker considers loyalty agreement to stop client hemorrhaging

    One broker tired of doing all the work and watching the client jump ship to a big bank matching rate is reigniting the debate on exclusivity agreements.

  • Outgoing MBABC president Dreyer looks back, looks ahead

    When Dreyer took the reins as president of the MBABC back in May of 2012, he told that “it is imperative that our board work with these regulators and lenders to ensure the proposed policies create a strong economic environment for Canada while continuing to make home ownership accessible to all Canadians.”

  • Our own rate site needed now: broker

    Rate sites may be inevitable, but if third-party sites are left unchecked there is a real danger that they will one day gain irreversible pricing power over brokers, cautions one broker.

  • Internet-savvy consumers question need for brokers

    A growing number of homebuyers say they simply don’t need the advice of a broker, according to a new survey, suggesting those cock-sure consumers are prepared to go it alone with help from the Internet.

  • Banks better than brokers, suggests report

    This may not be the best way to start your day, but a new report suggests bank reps remain better at clinching deals than their broker counterparts.

  • 2014 will see a deceleration: CAAMP

    CAAMP has looked into its crystal ball, and is keeping its fingers crossed for growth this year, while holding its breath for 2014.

  • CMHC, bulk coverage on Flaherty’s radar

    Finance Minister Jim Flaherty told reporters last week that he had “no plans” to intervene in the nation’s housing market anytime soon – but only yesterday told a Senate committee that he is examining the role of the CMHC “very closely,” including a look at portfolio insurance.