CAAMP news

  • MBN Hot list 2014: Mark Kerzner

    Mark Kerzner's profile for Mortgage Broker News Hot list 2014

  • Provincial broker orgs work together

    A more cohesive broker voice may soon be realized, with The Alberta Mortgage Broker Association (AMBA) announcing Tuesday it is working closely with other provincial bodies and regulators to ensure better coordination among the various organizations.

  • Broker network exec questions value of AMP

    One executive at a broker network is sharing his thoughts on CAAMP’s move to overhaul the AMP designation and his suggested priority list for the association.

  • Bid to establish broker-run organization ramps up

    An industry player has ramped up his effort to establish a national broker-run organization in the wake of widespread dissatisfaction with CAAMP’s recent changes to its AMP designation.

  • Broker doubts AMP changes are sufficient

    Disaffected brokers are now mulling over a seismic change to the AMP designation, although some doubt the plan is enough to bring them back into the fold – even with the promise of an exclusive certification.

  • Recommendation to allow alternative mortgage course providers

    CAAMP has been the sole provider of the accredited mortgage broker course for just under a year, but it may not be for much longer, following recommendations that the government take up concerns over whether one provider is enough.

  • Longstanding CAAMP VP to step down

    Brokers may be wondering if there will be a directional change for the national association, with a longstanding CAAMP Vice President set to step down from his post this summer.

  • Condos in Toronto making up for shortage?

    Brokers in Toronto may have cause for optimism as one new study suggests the city’s condo housing boom is making up for a shortage, rather than creating a surplus.

  • Refi business drops 81 per cent

    While CMHC heralded its third quarter results Friday, it glossed over a whopping 81 per cent drop in refinances, leaving brokers to quantify the impact on their clients and their bottom lines.

  • Infographic: Homebuyer spending and saving habits

    CAAMP’s annual State of the Residential Mortgage Market report: What you need to know.