Network: Mortgage Alliance
Location: Ottawa, ON

Mortgage Approvals Ottawa Team is a group of “hard-working, experienced and dedicated agents who take pride in their community involvement and personal and team goal-crushing achievement,” says Adil Rahman, who co-founded the brokerage with partners Jason Anbara, Rami El-Beaino and Brock Frost. “We are not the biggest shop in town, but we aim at being one of the best in the area.”

Since it was formed two years ago, Mortgage Approvals Ottawa Team has expanded from six agents to 26 and doubled its funded volume to $150 million across 550 transactions for 2018. (The team is on track to finish with 600 transactions for 2019).

The leaders of Mortgage Approvals Ottawa Team all have an eye toward the future, making sure their operation is completely automated and implementing an accountability system that tracks agents’ attendance at training programs.

The brokerage’s leaders are always available to provide assistance and mentorship, including “quarterly reviews, shadowing, business development plan building and so much more for agents,” Rahman says. “We love conducting live webinars and remote assistance for our agents [and] have a great winning formula to help them succeed.”