Sunny Grewal, Everything Mortgages

Sunny Grewal, Everything Mortgages

Mortgage agent
Everything Mortgages
Toronto, ON
Age: 27

Inspired to join the mortgage industry by his father, a successful broker for more than 20 years, Sunny Grewal became a mortgage officer with Home Trust after university. A couple years later, he transitioned to Equitable Bank as a mortgage underwriter and, two years after that, decided to pursue his dream job: mortgage agent.

Although the first couple of months were tough, Grewal says he was able to get through it with the support of his brokerage, family, friends and lender partners. “The contacts and friends I have made in the industry are priceless,” he says. “My experiences give me an advantage over other mortgage agents and brokers, as I have the knowledge, skill set and relationships to help me close more deals.”

Something Grewal has learned recently is not to chase business. “It’s definitely your job to let people know what you do, but it’s not your job to tell them that they should use you,” he says. “Focus on yourself and what you do best, and keep doing it.”

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