Stephanie Gagnon-Hume, KeyRate Corp.

Stephanie Gagnon-Hume, KeyRate Corp.

Bilingual mortgage agent
KeyRate Corp.
Ottawa, ON
Age: 25

While shopping for her first home, Stephanie Gagnon-Hume was approached and hired by a Re/Max team to do their sales and marketing. She knew she wanted to work in real estate, but she was more intrigued by the financial side of the process. “My current principal broker saw my potential and took me under his wing,” she says. “I subsequently became the head processor of KeyRate Corp. and have since provided our clients with tailor-made mortgages in a timely manner, regardless of their financial situation.”

Since becoming a licensed agent at the beginning of 2018, Gagnon-Hume has assisted in closing more than $200 million in mortgages, all while onboarding and training new agents and processors and making her clients’ experiences as seamless as possible. She’s currently working to obtain her broker licence.

“By staying current with all the changes that take place in the mortgage industry on a daily basis and being adaptable, I have personally been able to turn negative and complicated scenarios into a positive closing experience,” she says.

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