Stefan McMillan, Centum Supreme Mortgage

Stefan McMillan, Centum Supreme Mortgage

Mortgage agent
Centum Supreme Mortgage
Mississauga, ON
Age: 28

After working as a broker assistant for three years, Stefan McMillan obtained his mortgage agent licence in 2017 and quickly worked to learn the basics of mortgage lending, realizing that “a competent mortgage agent must understand the various lender products to assist borrowers in a suitable mortgage situation.”

McMillan has been around the industry his whole life; his father is a mortgage broker, and working for him “set the blueprint for me to be able navigate most mortgage agents’ many hardships in the beginning of their careers,” McMillan says.

Looking ahead, McMillan says there are two changes he would like to see in the industry. First, he believes mortgage professionals need a refined training program that focuses on one-on-one client interaction, developing relationships with lenders and the networking skills needed to build a database. He would also like the industry to find new ways to include more women, particularly women of colour, in order to foster a younger, more diverse and more open-minded mortgage community.

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