Scott Trainor, TMG Airport Drive

Scott Trainor, TMG Airport Drive

Mortgage associate
TMG Airport Drive
Saskatoon, SK
Age: 31

In the nine years he’s spent as a mortgage associate in Saskatoon, Scott Trainor has made three appearances on this list and has been awarded TMG’s Summit 25 Award, which recognizes the top 25% of brokers in the company based on volume. Trainor says the past year has revealed how ahead of the curve his office was in going completely paperless a few years ago; in recent months, as the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded, he’s had multiple brokers ask him how to set up a virtual office.

Trainor says COVID-19 has also taught him the importance of constant communication with his team. “When the pandemic hit, we turned to group chats that go constantly,” he says. “I have never felt closer to my team, and I haven’t seen them face-to-face in months. The ability to constantly communicate and bounce problems or solutions off of each other has been the biggest change.”

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