Richard Earles, DLC Valley Financial Specialists

Richard Earles, DLC Valley Financial Specialists

Mortgage broker, owner
DLC Valley Financial Specialists
Langley, BC
Age: 33

Richard Earles got his start in the mortgage industry in 2010. “I loved the freedom and ability to make my own hours,” he says. “My time is very precious nowadays, having a newborn baby, and being flexible in my working hours throughout the day is amazing.”

Earles eventually launched his own private lending companies while also maintaining his mortgage volume on the brokerage side. Today, he’s an owner of DLC Valley Financial Specialists, which he runs alongside his business partner, Jennifer Woodley. Earles focuses on alternative and private lending, which he credits with helping him rank among the top 10% of brokers across the country.

Reflecting on the past 12 months, Earles says he’s learned just how important relationships are in this business. “There is nothing more important than building physical relationships with referral partners,” he says. “They can be the gravy train you never knew you had!”

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