Maxium Dsouza, Clover Mortgage

Maxium Dsouza, Clover Mortgage

Clover Mortgage
Mississauga, ON
Age: 33

Maxium Dsouza’s mantra is “helping you to make an informed mortgage decision.” From first-time homebuyers to real estate investors, Dsouza offers a free mortgage quote consultation and simplifies the process by presenting his clients with every viable option. Drawing on several years of experience in the industry, he focuses on helping people find mortgage solutions that meet their exact financial and personal needs. He also works hard to be a valuable resource for his clients by educating them and providing top-notch service throughout the life of their mortgage.

“It is important that we serve not only the client who closes a deal with us, but also those who are seeking advice,” Dsouza says. “It is imperative to offer a world-class customer experience to everyone, as this has been proven to be the way to build a strong positive reputation.”

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