Janice Lee, DLC Clear Trust Mortgages

Janice Lee, DLC Clear Trust Mortgages

Principal broker, managing partner
DLC Clear Trust Mortgages
Toronto, ON
Age: 34

Janice Lee moved into the broker channel after spending 12 years working at a major bank and is currently the principal broker and managing partner for DLC Clear Trust Mortgages’ Toronto office. “I take pride in what I do, whether it’s growing and managing our team or helping my own clients with their financing,” Lee says. “My secret to success is that I genuinely love what I do. It’s become a part of my lifestyle, not just my job or career.”

For the past few years, Lee has juggled opening the DLC Clear Trust Mortgages office with helping her clients with their mortgage needs and being a new mom – not an easy undertaking, but “all worth it because I want to show my daughter that with hard work, anything is possible,” she says.

In that vein, Lee says that while there are already many strong women in the industry, she hopes to see even more in the near future. “I want to help empower other women – especially working moms – to be leaders in an industry that is mainly male-dominated,” she says.

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