Graham Reimer, DLC Mortgage Excellence

Graham Reimer, DLC Mortgage Excellence

Mortgage professional
DLC Mortgage Excellence
Lethbridge, AB
Age: 33

Graham Reimer began his career as a mortgage broker in 2007, just before the last recession hit. “It was in those first two years that I quickly realized that being a mortgage professional meant that a broker is the quarterback of the real estate transaction,” he says. “That responsibility and stress pushed me to thrive and want to be better every day.”

This realization also inspired Reimer to view his book of business as an opportunity to make a difference. He stopped setting volume goals and instead focused on the number of families he could impact each year. Last year, he worked with 165 families; his goal for 2020 is to help 200 families.

“Something I’m hoping to see change in the industry is unity,” Reimer says. “I would love to see the next 12 months transform the industry to be different than what is expected from a typical sales-driven industry. I would love to see us unify as mortgage brokers, regardless of the brand we represent, to support and share with one another and encourage best practices, education, support and more.”

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