Cole Hennig, DLC Plan B Mortgage Services

Cole Hennig, DLC Plan B Mortgage Services

Senior mortgage broker
DLC Plan B Mortgage Services
Port Coquitlam, BC
Age: 29

Cole Henning has been in the mortgage industry for six-plus years, all with Dominion Lending Centres. He began in the Visa department, obtained his licence and moved to the mortgage desk at Plan B. He’s currently making his fourth appearance on this list and was named Young Gun of the Year at the 2019 Canadian Mortgage Awards.

“Being part of, and later leading, a department where many of our clients have run into real life issues and being able to find not only solutions for the ‘now,’ but a plan for them to rebuild and improve their financial situation, is very rewarding,” Hennig says. “I’ve been extremely blessed to have had some tremendous mentors.”

Looking ahead, Hennig hopes that lenders and institutions will be able to keep making changes and advancements with the same speed and efficiency they’ve been forced to over the past few months. “We’ve seen so many advancements with lender portals, e-signing and other technology breakthroughs, and they were able to move quickly,” he says. “Moving forward, I hope lenders are still able and willing to act quickly on fresh ideas.”

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