Chris Kyrou, Mountainview Mortgage

Chris Kyrou, Mountainview Mortgage

Mortgage agent
Mountainview Mortgage
Burlington, ON
Age: 31

Chris Kyrou became a mortgage agent seven years ago with an intention to make a difference in the industry. “Before I started my career as a mortgage agent, I had friends and family led in the wrong direction while making mortgage decisions,” he says. “To prevent others from being taken advantage of, I became an agent and am dedicated to becoming a trusted and informed resource for my clients.”

One of Kyrou’s passions is working with clients who are on the verge of bankruptcy to help them restructure their debt and guide them in their financial recovery. He specializes in working with clients who are self-employed, in the healthcare industry, experiencing bad credit or buying a home for the first time. His efforts have netted him a Diamond Club Award, a President’s Club Award and awards for being in the top three and four in mortgage volume.

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