Ben Oakes, DLC YBM Group

Ben Oakes, DLC YBM Group

Mortgage agent
Location: Barrie, ON
Age: 35

Since joining the mortgage industry as a residential mortgage agent, Ben Oakes quickly set records for both volume and revenue, funding more than $130 million in the last six years. Oakes has long had an affinity for real estate investing and is involved with underground commercial real estate investing forums in Ontario. Over the years, he has achieved some momentum in transitioning into a commercial mortgage agent, specializing in multi-family buildings.

For 2020, Oakes expects to fund about $10 million in commercial mortgages for real estate investors. “I’m always looking for new investing clients to help,” he says. “With the advent of the B-20 mortgage rules and stress test, real estate investors of all shapes and sizes needed to start the dreaded transition from being a beginner investor with multiple properties under your own name into a seasoned portfolio holder with multiple hold corps to manage the individual multi-family properties, owned by an operating corp, with which to remove income. I have become an expert in helping them make that transition and adjust the growth trajectory of the investor.”

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