Alex Marshall, Magenta Capital Corporation

Alex Marshall, Magenta Capital Corporation

Director of operations
Magenta Capital Corporation
Ottawa, ON
Age: 28

As the director of operations at Magenta Capital Corporation, Alex Marshall has spent nearly five years building the lender’s operational and analytical capabilities. Recently, his attention has been on digital transformation projects to meet the changing needs of brokers, borrowers and investors.

“I am hopeful that the industry understands that digital solutions are not meant to entirely replace physical ones – rather, digital solutions should mirror or complement physical ones to provide clients with a variety of pathways towards financing,” he says. “Ultimately, I hope to see an industry that becomes more focused than ever before on delivering value to its customers.”

A recent graduate of the MBA program at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University, where he was the recipient of the Tom Burns MBA Prize in International Business, Marshall emphasizes the importance of looking outside of the industry for inspiration. “It is often the case where innovation in one industry can be translated to another,” he says, “but it’s impossible to apply these innovations if you simply aren’t aware of them.”

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