Tiffany Pedersen, Liquuid Home Ownership

Tiffany Pedersen, Liquuid Home Ownership

Director of strategic partnerships
Liquid Home Partnership 

Tiffany Pedersen has worked in the mortgage industry for 20 years in multiple capacities, holding such roles as senior mortgage underwriter; credit analyst; regional vice-president; assistant vice-president of business development; marketing, events and communication manager; and general manager. She also serves as secretary on the board of CMBA-BC.

Her résumé includes big-name companies as well as startups. “I have enjoyed working for companies in their early stages of launch, and Liquuid sounded like an amazing opportunity,” she says of her role as the company’s director of strategic partnerships, which she took on in 2019. “The founders are all incredibly talented and each bring a unique skill set to the table. I am very excited to see our programs grow and become the solutions we envision.”

Pedersen says she enjoys working with companies that are driving change, and she believes sharedequity mortgages are the next wave of innovation in Canadian homeownership. But what she enjoys most about her work are the people. “I believe that investing in people will always be a good idea,” she says. “Relationships mean a lot in life, and they equally apply to business.”

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