Shubha Dasgupta, Capital Lending Centre

Shubha Dasgupta, Capital Lending Centre

Co-founder and CEO
Capital Lending Centre 

Shubha Dasgupta’s commitment to ensuring the success of those around him has been a major factor in the growth of the Capital Lending Centre (CLC) network. Dasgupta has spent eight years as a mortgage agent; three years ago, he shifted his focus to building a mortgage company that meets the needs of agents at any stage in their careers.

“The desire to provide opportunity to others and help set agents up for success attracted me to my current role,” he says. Since its founding, CLC has grown from six agents to more than 200 across four brands. In 2019, CLC celebrated passing the $1 billion mark in mortgage volume.

In addition to his day-to-day role, Dasgupta is a sought-after public speaker, an active member of the Toronto community and a philanthropic leader of various organizations. He recently rolled out CLC Cares to raise funds, awareness and support for the network’s partner charities.

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