Shawn Allen, Matrix Mortgage Global

Shawn Allen, Matrix Mortgage Global

Founder and CEO
Matrix Mortgage Global 

With more than 18 years of experience spanning two full economic cycles, Shawn Allen has seen many ups and downs in the Canadian real estate market. He founded Matrix Mortgage Global in 2008; over the past 12 years, the company has carved out a place in the global mortgage discussion.

“The key to growing any business is providing a resource for people to find sound, reliable, credible and relevant information,” Allen says. “Today, my goal is not only to educate my clients, but also other mortgage professionals worldwide in an effort to strengthen our community and the people we serve.”

Throughout his time in the industry, Allen has seen firsthand how tightly knit the world’s financial markets are. Based on his experiences, he is now highly vocal about one change he’d like to see in Canada’s mortgage landscape: the removal of the stress test for existing homeowners, which often leaves people with severe debt and limited, costly alternatives.

This aligns with what Allen highlights as his favourite part of his job: “I truly enjoy putting people in a better financial position and being welcomed into my clients’ homes and lives.”