Ryan Dennahower, Bespoke Mortgage Group

Ryan Dennahower, Bespoke Mortgage Group

Co-founder and broker
Bespoke Mortgage Group 

After starting his career at the age of 19 as a teller in branch banking, Ryan Dennahower quickly realized he had a passion for relationships. “Any chance I had to meet someone new and be able to make an impact on their day and/or life quickly became my objective,” he says.

After five years in banking, Dennahower decided to pursue his dream of becoming a mortgage agent. Shortly thereafter, he co-founded Bespoke Mortgage Group with business partner Simon Lyn. Since then, the brokerage has grown quickly, primarily from referrals from customers and Realtors.

In 2019, Bespoke Mortgage Group was named a CMP Top Independent Brokerage, and Dennahower was selected as a director for the CIMBC advisory board and appointed to the CMBA government relations committee. “Great mentorship has allowed me to navigate the ever-changing mortgage landscape, and I am excited to now be in a position to share my knowledge and success with others,” he says.

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