Robert Gibson, MERIX Financial

Robert Gibson, MERIX Financial

Director, Business development, NPX platinum accounts
Merix Financial 

Robert Gibson’s main goal in business development is to be authentic. He takes the time to understand each situation and listen to what partners need so no time is wasted. Moreover, Gibson puts a high premium on effective communication, which he says is the key factor in his success in the alternative space. Having spent a good part of his career with big banks, Gibson understands the motivation of bankersturned- brokers who have chosen to take their career in a new direction to truly make a difference for their clients.

“I chose to work for MERIX/NPX because the team shares the same vision: to provide the best service in the industry to mortgage brokers,” he says. “To me, building rock-solid relationships and doing everything in my power to help my partners be successful is my daily motivation.”

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