Matthew Ablakan, Millennial's Choice Mortgages

Matthew Ablakan, Millennial's Choice Mortgages

Founder, owner and broker of record
Millennial's Choice Mortgages 

Matthew Ablakan got his start in the mortgage industry in 2012 after purchasing his first pre-construction condo. “My investment goals were to build cash-flowing properties, leading to financial freedom,” he says. “In the process of doing this for myself, I figured I would help out as many people as possible.”

Today, Ablakan and the Millennial’s Choice team accomplish this by teaching people about the different facets of the industry. “It’s all about financial freedom for our clients,” he says. “There are many paths to take in this field. I kept going initially because it was fun: I get to work for myself, earn as much as I can, and come and go as I please. Now that I have a group of companies, it is still fun; however, the reason I stay interested and engaged has changed. Now I do it because I realized that we all have infinite potential stored within each one of us. I am just working toward my own potential.”

In 2019, Millennial’s Choice Mortgages was a finalist for and recipient of several awards, including the CMA for Brokerage of the Year – Diversification.

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