Krishna Gadhraju, Home Trust Company/Home Bank

Krishna Gadhraju, Home Trust Company/Home Bank

Senior vice-president and treasurer
Home Trust Company and Home Bank 

Krishna Gadhraju joined Home Trust Company and Home Bank in 2008, bringing more than 14 years of experience in capital markets, treasury, portfolio management, derivatives, securitization, interest rate risk management and liquidity management. In addition to his current role, Gadhraju is the chair of Home’s asset liability committee and a key member of its capital management committee. He led Home’s ‒ and Canada’s ‒ first crossborder near-prime residential mortgagebacked securities funding initiative, the first NHA-MBS interest-only strip transaction, and Home’s syndicated NHA-MBS and deposit notes programs.

“Funding diversification is key for our organization, and we are always looking for sustainable funding sources for our growth,” Gadhraju says. “As we are one of the largest originators of near-prime mortgages, we believed our RMBS issue would provide value to investors and a sustainable source of funding for us.”

In addition to his work with Home, Gadhraju is a board member of the Mortgage-Backed Securities Issuer Association and a CFA charterholder. 

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