Kash Toor, Mortgage Partners Corporation

Kash Toor, Mortgage Partners Corporation

President and broker of record
Mortgage Partners Corporation

As the president of the independent Mortgage Partners Corporation, Kash Toor leads a brokerage that caters to credit-challenged clients and investors looking for attractive returns on their real estate investments.

“Our industry is changing each day,” Toor says. “The guidelines from mortgage investment corporations and administration companies are becoming more and more stringent, which allows us to provide unique solutions customized to the consumer’s needs. Every person has a unique problem we’re trying to solve, and it’s so rewarding when we can get the ideal result for them in a timely manner.”

Toor founded Mortgage Partners Corporation in 2014; over the past six years, the company has experienced significant growth, earning a spot among CMP’s Top Independent Brokerages in 2019. Toor credits the company’s success to both a change in the market and his emphasis on relationships.

“Over the years, private funding has become a sensible option for borrowers,” he says. “We have many relationships with individual investors who participated in our monthly investment seminars, [and] this led us to grow amongst industry partners, brokers, banks, lenders and borrowers.”