Greg Williamson, Finmo

Greg Williamson, Finmo

Co-founder and president

“Uncommon solutions to common problems” is how Greg Williamson describes the drive he brings to his life and work. Williamson has been in the mortgage business for 27 years; during that time, he has built and sold three mortgage brokerages in two different markets, was twice awarded Mortgage Broker of the Year and won a Lifetime Achievement Award.

In 2017, Williamson and business partner Carter Zimmerman saw an opportunity emerging in the Canadian mortgage technology space and, along with a handful of other brokers as early investors, started Finmo. Together, Williamson and Zimmerman crafted the vision that guides the company today, which is to create the best borrowercentric platform possible and deliver “a mortgage in minutes.”

“I love the people I work with,” Williamson says when asked what he enjoys most about his job. “Each of our people does the work and output of three people, and it shows.”

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