Daniela Peeva, Mortgage Alliance Commercial

Daniela Peeva, Mortgage Alliance Commercial

Mortgage Alliance Commercial 

With more than 10 years of banking, corporate and real estate law experience, Daniela Peeva left the legal world in 2015 to focus exclusively on commercial financing. She currently runs the Toronto office of Mortgage Alliance Commercial, managing all commercial mortgage debt financing in Ontario.

Peeva personally specializes in financing for multi-unit apartment buildings, including CMHC-insured products. Using her legal experience, she thrives on analyzing term sheets, financial documentation, complicated banking contracts, and other loan documentation and information, which helps her successfully resolve the challenges thrown down by lenders. Flexible and persistent, Peeva prides herself on making proactive decisions using whatever information is available and turning it into a big-picture story to help her clients secure financing.

“I love challenges, and commercial financing is just that: finding solutions for clients and resolving problems every single day of your career,” she says. 

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