Christine Buemann, The Collective Mortgage Group

Christine Buemann, The Collective Mortgage Group

The Collective Mortgage Group

“My goal in life is always to make a difference, and our industry is currently ripe for disruption,” says Christine Buemann, who has made multiple appearances on CMP’s Hot List, Young Guns list and Women of Influence list. Noting that technology already is and will remain a key piece of the mortgage industry, Buemann firmly believes that relationships will be the most important factor going forward.

“Many have succeeded in the past by having the loudest voice or the most aggressive behaviour,” she says. “Going forward, I hope others are encouraged to lead by improving their arguments rather than raising their voices. We can be equally as effective – if not more – while treating others with kindness and compassion, rather than arrogance and entitlement.”

In addition to her role as a broker at The Collective Mortgage Group, Buemann sits on the Northern British Columbia Real Estate Board and the Street Capital broker advisory board. She also helped organize the Evolve Conference, was one of her previous brokerage’s top 10 brokers and is a two-time winner of its Titan Award.

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