Ameera Ameerullah, Canada Mortgage & Financial Group

Ameera Ameerullah, Canada Mortgage & Financial Group

CEO, broker, lender
Canada Mortgage & Financial Group 

Ameera Ameerullah is the CEO and founder of Canada Mortgage & Financial Group (CMFG), a licensed mortgage administrator and the manager of a private mortgage fund. Under Ameerullah’s leadership, CMFG has created alternative products and programs that bridge the gap in the mortgage industry and has maintained a blemish-free record with lenders, investors and regulators to date.

While juggling a demanding career, Ameerullah maintains a sense of balance through family relations and by serving as a social service worker, philanthropist, human rights advocate and board director for the Ontario College for Development. “I enjoy the opportunity to see people have their dreams come true and to be able to contribute to causes CMFG believes in,” she says.

In 2019, Ameerullah made her second appearance on both the CMP Women of Influence list and the CMP Hot List. She also received several awards, including Waterfront Awards for Business and Entrepreneurship, JunCtian Community Initiatives Awards for Excellence in the Advancement of Women and Excellence in Economic Development, and the Unsung Heroes Award from Vigor Unsung Heroes Awards International.

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